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The 2009 AGS Awards

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bendanRFreelance adventurers Ben & Dan don’t have any extravagant goals in life. A nice, meaty session sat in front of the telly watching Magnum P.I is usually all they wish for. Unfortunately, it’s not the safest possible way of spending one’s time. In the award-winning game Ben There, Dan That it has caused our heroes to be teleported on an alien spaceship filled with gates to alternate versions of Great Britain –  from one where UK is ruled by the USA, to one where dinosaurs remain the dominant species and evolved to the point of producing electronic entertainment. (more…)


Ben There, Dan That, so now it’s Time Gentlemen, Please! This is a series not to be missed by lovers of classic adventure gaming seeking journeys to alternate realities of complete insanity. Of course it so happens that they’re filled with a strangly logical logic that makes all the wonderful puzzles so wonderful. (more…)