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Hey guys! Since new posts are a little bit rare, I won’t shy away from making a post specifically about my article on another website, especially since it’s a review of a half-indie adventure game. The game in question is called Hector: Badge of Carnage, it’s currently the rudest, filthiest game on the market, and you’ll find its review on the wonderful International House of Mojo – home to all things that were cool about past LucasArts, and have moved on to their modern off-spiring (companies).

Colin Panetta's amazing Grim Fandango artwork (visit Colin's site for higher res)

Colin Panetta's amazing Grim Fandango artwork (visit Mojo for higher res)

November 2009 – The 11th Grim Fandango Anniversary (more…)



Back in 2008 my adventure gaming and classic LucasArts obsessions drove me to creating a Som & Maxie themed comic strip (instead of producing something honest and original) . And it’s all about branes. So, If you’d like to read it yourself – and this should be a no-brainer – click on