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Doing posts dedicated solely to recommending interesting and relevant stuff found around the web, and to stop packing it all up into Links and The Compendium, is an old idea I had. However, before now I wasn’t content with the amount of HardyDev‘s original content and felt such posts would cheapen the blog. Not anymore. Also, this is a great way to appear less self-centered and give the rest of the Internet a chance to shine… (more…)


I’m a big admirer of Czech animated movies. The Czech school of animation really perfected the thing that is so great about this medium – making the most real behave unreal. First, start by reconstructing frame by frame our experiences with objects like plants, machines, and all types of grit. And then twist them around and attribute with a completely different nature. In this kind of manner, the game Machinarium by Jakub Dvorak and Amanita Design offers us a whole city created and inhabited by a population of machines (more…)

Marek and his wife

High Res 2D is coming back to the adventure genre! And it doesn’t stop with the recently released Machinarium and The Whispered World haunting your senses with their beauty. The story continues with The Trader of Stories – a fresh new escapist fantasy world that extends beyond just the video game medium. It’s the work of yet another talented Polish adventure game developer (and draughtsman, and writer, and chemist) Marek Rudowski. (more…)