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A tree is known by its fruit, and you could say an adventure game is known by its aesthetics, even though that may be a bit oversimplified. If we apply that principle to Jolly Rover, you might come to the conclusion that this is a children’s game.        The gentle, charming dog characters and background art and the pleasing voices may make you think so. But is it really?

The hint system certainly suggests so, at first. Every couple of minutes, a parrot – in itself a likeable character – pops up, asking if you need help. This can easily get annoying, but fortunately there’s an option to just say no to its incessant offerings of help. When you couple that with the ingenious way in which you earn hints – you have to find crackers throughout the game to feed the parrot whenever you require a hint – it’s actually pretty clever, and not that annoying. (more…)

I’m very happy with the current pace our crack team has established for posting new articles on HardyDev. Nevertheless, I look elseweb and I see so many interesting indie things lurking behind every corner… Suddenly it seems our pace will never be good enough…

Let’s begin with the trailer for a new Lovecraft‘s Whisperer in The Darkness adaptation (an indie adaptation of course):