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Your name is Abdullah, emissary of the Sultan, and you find yourself on a ship on your way to a secret, diplomatic mission. It is the mid-19th century and the ship also carries
stereotypical, dignified characters such as an Italian engineer, an opera singer, an African sorcerer, Rasputin and plenty others — all hosted by the captain of the ship.

But that’s where the similarities with Cluedo or Agatha Christie’s “Death on the Nile” end! This game is delightfully wacky and full of anachronisms (Rasputin in the 1850’s?). (more…)

Making games. Sometimes a hard task. Sometimes it is made to look like it’s not. What about trying to make again what’s already been made? Yes, this is an article about remakes. And it’s based on my HHGTG experiences.

But what is HHGTG (aka H2G2)? These are acronyms for ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’. A book (and radio play) written in the early 80’s that became and still is a cult phenomenon for Science Fiction fans, very much like its author Douglas Adams. Shortly after the book, Douglas alongside Steve Meretzky, a programmer from Infocom, created a text adventure based on the book’s universe. One of the most successful and clearly one of the most remarkable games ever. (more…)