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Once again, it’s time to look back on the games of yesteryear and give the best ones shiny digital trophies. The annual AGS Awards are coming up shortly and the nominees were recently announced, so let’s take a look at the contenders for Best Game Created With AGS in 2010. Hopefully, you’ll be more informed about the contenders.

Still, as LeVar Burton said, don’t take my word for it. I highly encourage you to play all the nominees for yourself, as they’re all excellent. This article promises to have 20% more spunk than last year’s.


DOWNLOAD mirror 1 &   DOWNLOAD mirror 2

Created by Igor Hardy and Alex van der Wijst with music by Thomas Regin

with Drew Wellman in the main role!

And as such goes as highly recommended as it’s possible to highly recommend! (more…)

Trailer for an incredible  game coming very, very soon…

There’s also a Vimeo version at http://vimeo.com/12800581


The last month was really busy for me and in consequence I didn’t read that much of the Internet, play that much of Internet, or even watch that much of Internet. So my latest choice of links is smaller than usual, but the linked texts/places/situations are all the best kind of April crop (ignore the accidental May ones). Some of the names involved are Jane Jensen, Darkstar, MAGS and Tetris. (more…)

titleA once cheerful land of forests, mountains and magic has succumbed to permanent winter. A permanent winter conjured up and constantly renewed by the terrible black fire attacks of a mighty ice dragon. As a result most human inhabitants have turned into ice statues and the prospects of the handful that are still able to keep their blood reasonably warm are no better. One of those is an old woodsman who lying ill in his bed has just explained the situation to his daughter in a speech very nicely stylized to archaic jargon. (more…)