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If there’s one genre that’s got a tradition of having scary games (apart from the survival horror genre, for obvious reasons) it’s our genre of choice: adventure games. Oz Orwell and the Crawling Chaos, a new effort from Midian Design, who also brought us Odissea, happily continues that tradition. (more…)

The PC demo of Gesundheit! from 2006 is to this date one of the most professional looking work done with the Adventure Game Studio engine. Also the most fun piece of snot-shoot puzzling around tear-eyed monsters ever created! (more…)

Sorry for the delay with announcing the results, guys! My PC broke down.

But before you learn who won (please don’t roll over to the bottom of the article!), let me tell you a short story that will lead to the reveal of WHAT was The Prize of the contest all along!

With all the recently released indie sci-fi goodness such as Gemini Rue and Technocrat‘s (Technobabylon) works I feel it’d be a shame to overlook one other certain brilliant indie sci-fi adventure game. Well, “recently” by procrastinator’s standards anyway but you know. It’s never a bad time to learn of a good game.

A young girl tries to get a Lion out of her kitchen and things sort of escalate from there.

A game by the famous indie developers thecatamites interviewed hereo: http://www.hardydev.com/2011/01/16/interview-with-thecatamites-space-funeral/

When I heard about Enter The Story, I was immediately excited. This ambitious one-man project, with a bit of help from others, aims to turn classic literature into adventure games, combining two of my favourite things. Although I have great enthusiasm for classic books, and the 19th century is quite possibly my favourite century, I am a slow reader, and there are still many books I have yet to read.