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If I was to pick one favorite movie, then that movie would be totally Brazil. For your information, I’m not a Terry Gilliam fanboy in any sense, but this movie, in my honest opinion, is a work of genius.


Brazil is a movie released in 1985 and is widely known because of the battle Terry Gilliam fought against Universal, finally succeeding in convincing the studio to release his intended version. The film is based a lot in George Orwell’s 1984, but in a more funny and retro-futuristic way.


Brazil is one of those films hard to define, I could say it’s a Sci-Fi Satire, but some people found it tragic at points, I personally cried at the end. I can say it’s very nostalgic look at the 80’s and a very sad projection of the humanity’s future. It can be said that Brazil is standing exactly in the middle between Comedy and Drama, being neither. (more…)

PROLOGUE. On this fateful Towel Day we witness the release of the long-awaited Point&click remake of Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by James Spanos (aka Dualnames).
What follows are abridged transcripts of the philosophical dialogs conducted with Spanos that took place during the last week before the release (Which means they’re really HOT right now! – almost like the game itself).  So read them! (more…)

Making games. Sometimes a hard task. Sometimes it is made to look like it’s not. What about trying to make again what’s already been made? Yes, this is an article about remakes. And it’s based on my HHGTG experiences.

But what is HHGTG (aka H2G2)? These are acronyms for ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’. A book (and radio play) written in the early 80’s that became and still is a cult phenomenon for Science Fiction fans, very much like its author Douglas Adams. Shortly after the book, Douglas alongside Steve Meretzky, a programmer from Infocom, created a text adventure based on the book’s universe. One of the most successful and clearly one of the most remarkable games ever. (more…)