We recommend:

* Anna; Linus Bruckman (by Vince Twelve) – ARTICLES written by the creator

* Majesty of Colors;… (by Gregory Weir) – FEATURE

* Submachine; Daymare Town;… (by Pastel Games) INTERVIEW

* Terminal House

* The Lost Pig (by Admiral Jota) – REVIEW

* Today I Die;… (by Daniel Benmergui) – FEATURE

* Winter Rose (by Alex van der Wijst) – REVIEW

* Besieged (by Alex van der Wijst & yarooze)

*Mental Repairs Inc. (by Renzo Thönen)REVIEW

*Murder in a Wheel (by Renzo Thönen) – REVIEW

*Nelly Cootalot (by Alasdair Beckett) – REVIEW

*Ben There, Dan That (by Dan & Ben) – INTERVIEW , sequel REVIEW

*Samorost (by Amanita Design)

*A Second Face (by Jospin Le Woltaire)

*Nick Bounty Mysteries (by Mark Darin) – REVIEW, INTERVIEW

*A Small Favor & its sequel

* What makes you tick? (by Matt Kempke)

* Gretel and Hansel Parts 1 & 2 (by makopudding)

* Technobabylon (by Technocrat)

* The Curfew (by Kieron Gillen and Littleloud Studios)

* Galatea (by Emily Short)

* Ben Jordan series (by Francisco Gonzalez)

But David Petty cherishes:

* Amertis (by COLYBY)

* Atlantzone (by Atlantzone Team)

And Konstantinos Dimopoulos would kill for:

* The McCarthy Chronicles (by Steven Poulton) – Video REVIEW

* Hope; Featherweight… (by Ben Chandler & friends) – ARTICLES by the creator

* The Blue Lacuna (by Aaron A. Reed)

* Pacian‘s amazing text (mostly) games

* Soviet Unterzoegersdorf (by a bunch of commies)

And *** This nice spot here is waiting for your own recommendations. (Call us at igor at hardydev dot com!)

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