I’m sure that most of you are both gleefully and painfully aware of all the different techniques for creating an adventure game world. Apart from simply showing the world through sprites and background images; there are characters that tell players about the world, hot-spots with rollover text that tell them what they’re looking at, cut scenes that can show a wider view of the world, expository narration that tells players about the setting of the story… the list goes on.

For this particular article, I’d like to put aside these other techniques and focus on what it takes to create the game world visually. (more…)

One of my lecturers once said:

People in the past were all dumb, crazy, and weird‘.

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Created by Igor Hardy and Alex van der Wijst with music by Thomas Regin

with Drew Wellman in the main role!

And as such goes as highly recommended as it’s possible to highly recommend! (more…)

I stumbled upon one tiny image.

My brain burst into emotions. I remembered getting chewed out by my boss for messing up with a client, being recruited by a secret underground organization, running a smalltime casino in a jazzy little port town, I remembered my good friend who drove me across the land in his madly upgraded company car, exposing corruption, swinging a scythe, and in the end finally getting on a train with the girl I had been chasing all that time. I got chills.

All that came from one single image…

Correct. I remembered Grim Fandango.

What if I could capture that in my art as well?, I started thinking.

They’ve done film noir; they’ve done zombies… this month Telltale has set their sights on the Monster Movie! The Devil’s Playhouse concludes in The City That Dares Not Sleep!


Has nothing to do with U2's guitarist.

Over The Edge is the first chapter in the four-part series, The Journey Down. Written and designed by Theodor Waern, the game tells the story of Bwana, a simple fuel station attendant attempting to get he and his sidekick Kito’s plane airworthy in order to take a strange and beautiful woman to the mysterious area known as “The Underland” by going over what is known as “The Edge.” If you haven’t already, prepare yourself for some incredible freeware adventure gaming.

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