Everyone misses their own birthday once in a while – I’m sure of it! But let’s say I simply waited for the weekend to properly celebrate HardyDev’s 2nd birthday – how about that? Well yeah, that’s not true actually – things got in the way of any kind of celebrating, including general brain atrophy. The weekend I mentioned has come and gone as well. And earlier I had to skip a New Year holiday special post too. But the birthday itself is 100% genuine fact and HardyDev is now 2 years old (+10 days)!

So Hurrah for HardyDev! But what does it all mean? Does it mean anything at all?


Happy holidays, everyone! HardyDev shall shall soon return with a post full of Snow. But in the meantime behold the Christmas gift The Snakes have prepared for you:


The future turns out quite a bit more complicated than the now. The police force seems to not have much use for hard-working, hard-boiled action heroes anymore – it’s up to top class genetics scientists to directly deal with the truly serious crimes.


Everything wrong.

Don’t like what you see? Good! Let me explain why. (more…)

The first part of the Technobabylon series is a fantastic short game!


Where do video games go when they die? Most of them end up on the scrapheap, forever forgotten by new generations of gamers. But some rise from the grave, haunting the gaming universe for a long, long time. One such game is Curse of Monkey Island. With its distinct art style, it revolutionized adventure games, and left quite an impression on game makers, who are not afraid to use its legacy in their own games.


Beware of the apeman in the train – it wants to drain your brain!

That’s a great piece of practical wisdom you can learn from the 1973 Spanish horror flick Horror Express starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Telly Savalas (sic!). Halloween is over… but if you’re sad about it, why not watch a good horror to cheer yourself up?

It’s 1906. During the digs in Szechuan mountains in China prof Alexander Saxton (more…)

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