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Independent Adventure Gaming

o Adventure Game Studio

o Adventure Developers

o Colossal Cave

o SSH’s AGS Blog

o AGS Ezine

o Independent Adventuring

o Indie Game News


o Ultimate Game Solutions

o The Interactive Fiction Archive

o IndieFlux

Game Dev Blogs

o 2D BOY

o 304: The Number of Ben

o Alex van der Wijst’s ‘Tree, Rock, Pixels’

o Jonas Kyratzes

o Bill Tiller’s ‘Bill is Bored’

o Dave Gilbert’s gamedev blog

o Deirdra Kiai Productions

o Technocrat

o Jane Jensen’s Gray Matter blog

o Jeff Vogel’s The Bottom Feeder

o Ron Gilbert’s GrumpyGamer

o RPG Creations

o Steve Ince on Writing and Design

o Twin-Moon’s Grey Zone

o Double Fine Action News

Dependent & Independent Adventure Gaming Sitos

o Adventure Point

o GameBoomers

o Just Adventure

o Adventure Classic Gaming

o Adventure Gamers

o The International House of Majo

o The New Home of The Underdogs

o CaptainD’s PC Gaming Blog

o Adventure Lantern

Not-so-Dev Game Blogs

o 56Kmodern

o Casual Girl Gamer

o Game Set Watch

o Gnome’s Lair

o Indie Games The Weblog

o PIG – min

o SlowDown

o Tap-Repeatedly

o The Artful Gamer

o Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Moving Pictures

o AniPages

o kritik der animationskraft

o Treasure of The Templars


o katebeaton

o Kinokofry

o rice boy

o Solipsistic Pop

o pictures for sad children

o Story To Nowhere

o xkcd

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