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HardyDev!? – OMG! Tis an ever-growing sheet of virtual paper that will happily cover your indie game iff it is the kind that makes use of both: the player’s logical faculties and the player’s crazy, erratic brane (a must)!

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The long version:

A Hardy Developer’s Journal may not look look like a million dollars, but is in fact a very unique gaming blog. We focus primarily on indie adventure games, which is basically a niche within a niche (within a niche?). For a long time now the genre has been unappreciated by the general public, even though it has a huge potential for developing subtle and meaningful interactive experiences.

********  Intermission: If it’s unclear to you what “adventure game” means, ******** ********* you can check out my definition of the genre in this article here. ***************

Given the niche nature of the site it’s very important to us to properly review as many pieces of overlooked gaming greatness and inventiveness as possible. However, we’re not a mere fansite! We pride ourselves in not being afraid to give harsh reviews to even labours of love, if they manage to disappoint us. Angry reader responses are always welcome by the way. However, we’re not a mere review site either!

A good portion of our staff and our guest writers is made of actual (more and less experienced) game designers. As such we post the best in-depth feature articles and dev diaries containing thoughts on game design and the nature of adventure games. You’ll find here articles by such well known indie devs as Ben Chandler (Shifter’s Box; Eternally Us), Vince Twelve (Anna; Resonance) and the IGF 2009 finalist Joshua Nuernberger (Gemini Rue). We also do a lot of interviews which, as you may have gathered by now, are all extra-juicy thanks to our sharp and wise questions. However, don’t think we’re just a society of mutual indie adoration! We are very self-critical, open to everything and everyone, and regularly refresh the site (and our minds) through random bursts of creative silliness.

So here is hoping, dear reader, you’ll find among these pages many things that will make you go “Aaah!”. Don’t hesitate to visit not only the front page, but also our archives – everything in there is quietly changing and evolving!

Igor Hardy

HardyDev’s Avengers & Regulars:

5. Igor Hardy – HardyDev’s creator and reigning editor-in-chief is Polish, grumpy, and a born critic. He knows more languages than Batman, loves strange, groundbreaking games like The Dark Eye and Azrael’s Tear, and views game design as the newest form of conjuring tricks. You might have already played Igor’s famous adventure games Frantic Franko and Snakes of Avalon, but there are even crazier creations waiting just around the corner (Watch out!).

e-mail: igor [at] hardydev dot com

1. Joe Davison – HardyDev’s host and all-around tech guy. Joe, like Martin (below) is all about story. Adventure Games are Joe’s one and true gaming love, but he likes to vent frustration on DOOM (1993) or listen to Duke Nukem’s snappy wit once in a while, or pretend to be a Pirate in Sid Meier’s Pirates!. Being a tough critic himself, Joe is open to criticisms on his reviews, so if have any comments or queries, any hatemail or lovemail or just some tips on writing, drop Joe an email. He’ll appreciate it.

e-mail: joe [at] thosedamnpeanuts dot com

2. Martin Mulrooney – First and foremost a lover of a good story, regardless of the medium. This has resulted in him embarking on a journey to tell a few stories of his own, dabbling in key areas of the media such as magazine writing and design, voicework and screenwriting. Although he is now very much a console gamer – part of the playstation generation – he also still fondly holds on to the games of yesteryear (when the PC was king), and the adventure genre in particular.


6. Drew Wellman – Expert in bad decisions, seen here doing very regrettable things to his hair, is a gamer through and through. Though he’s hard to please, he appreciates solid storytelling, compelling characters, and a good steak. Raised as a Nintendo fanboy, he has since expanded his entertainment horizon to include games from just about every genre. Co-creator of the Oceanspirit Dennis adventure(?) game series. Top three games of the decade: Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door, Half-Life 2, and Mass Effect. Plays the drums.


4. Mark Richards – Primarily a pixel artist who designs and makes games using the AGS (Adventure Game Studio) engine and has an extensive portfolio of unfinished projects. This includes the (recently finished) Wall-E fan-game but, most notably, the fairly-soon-to-be-released science fiction adventure, The Longevity Gene. Favourite commercial games include Knights of the Old Republic and Beneath a Steel Sky but Mark can’t stay away from a good indie release these days. Specialty: Physics.

3. Jan Jacob Mekes – A man with 2 true loves: writing and gaming. Well, actually there are a lot of things he loves, but those are among his favourites, and here at HardyDev he gets to combine the two. Jan Jacob (Jan isn’t a girl’s name!) loves history (Jan’s 3rd love?) to the point of getting a BA in it, but he enjoys reading and writing about many other subjects (check out his bouffonbooks!). As far as gaming goes, he was brought up with the NES and LucasArts adventures, but any game with a good story is fine.


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