A Most Happy New Year 2012 to you, ardent A Hardy Developers Journal readers! Yes, all 4 of you!

Sorry, for the recent lack of updates – working on finishing a new game. So please persevere, keep expecting the unexpected and at one point (this January) something cool will happen!

Speaking of making games, above is a really awesome Making OF for a 2010 game By the Numbers by a man called AJA. I wanted to archivize this video for quite a while – most impressive both in terms of the tech developed on camera in a week, as well as in terms of the creator’s humor after several days without sleep. And let’s not forget the game itself!

And speaking of AJA (just who is this guy?), I also added his latest game Barrier to the Martial Arts Scenes in Adventure Games ranking (far above – the stickied post) – it brings a very fresh approach to Kung Fu action in video games! (more…)

I released a game this week. It’s called Prime Minister’s Questions: The Game and it has you play as the British Prime Minister, David Cameron as you fight to the political death against the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, Ed Miliband. Before releasing the game, I was well aware that telling people I was an independent games developer would just be wishful thinking, yet, with PMQs out there, I have been asking: am I a real indie developer now?


Happy holidays, everyone! HardyDev shall shall soon return with a post full of Snow. But in the meantime behold the Christmas gift The Snakes have prepared for you:


DOWNLOAD mirror 1 &   DOWNLOAD mirror 2

Created by Igor Hardy and Alex van der Wijst with music by Thomas Regin

with Drew Wellman in the main role!

And as such goes as highly recommended as it’s possible to highly recommend! (more…)

Trailer for an incredible  game coming very, very soon…

There’s also a Vimeo version at


Of late, the monthly adventure game studio competition or ‘MAGS’ has caught my eye. Participants take part my making a game with Chris Jones’s Adventure Game Studio engine in just one month – restricted by a specific theme set by the previous month’s winner. (more…)

Starting Sentence

Totally, completely, deliciously, and no doubt illegally naked, Tanya knew her clothes had to be in her car, but she had no idea where she’d left the damned thing.

(more pictures & sext text…)

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