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May I present the interview I conducted for ACG with Larry Ahern (Full Throttle, Curse of Monkey Island, Insecticide) concerning a bunch of adventure games that sadly none of us – the players – ever got our mandibles on – like Vanishing Act, Full Throttle 2 and Insecticide Part 2.

The highlights include not only some really cool behind-the-scenes stories from up to 20 years ago, but also a gallery of concept art from the aforementioned games, as well as the never before seen cutscenes from Insecticide: Part 2 which wrap up most of the storyline!


Lastly, I’ve been recommending the relatively unloved Insecticide: Part 1 for ages and still do. You can get it cheap on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/16710/

I’m very happy with the current pace our crack team has established for posting new articles on HardyDev. Nevertheless, I look elseweb and I see so many interesting indie things lurking behind every corner… Suddenly it seems our pace will never be good enough…

Let’s begin with the trailer for a new Lovecraft‘s Whisperer in The Darkness adaptation (an indie adaptation of course):


The last month was really busy for me and in consequence I didn’t read that much of the Internet, play that much of Internet, or even watch that much of Internet. So my latest choice of links is smaller than usual, but the linked texts/places/situations are all the best kind of April crop (ignore the accidental May ones). Some of the names involved are Jane Jensen, Darkstar, MAGS and Tetris. (more…)

A few links I chose to represent this month.
You don’t even need to pick out the good ones, because they all are.
Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions! (more…)

Doing posts dedicated solely to recommending interesting and relevant stuff found around the web, and to stop packing it all up into Links and The Compendium, is an old idea I had. However, before now I wasn’t content with the amount of HardyDev‘s original content and felt such posts would cheapen the blog. Not anymore. Also, this is a great way to appear less self-centered and give the rest of the Internet a chance to shine… (more…)


Things just got more complicated, partner!

Somehow almost all my entries seem to go along with cartoony pictures. It’s hard to stay serious in such circumstances. Thankfully I have now dabbled in a realistic, gritty, FMV whodunit adventure game series called Casebook and am able to offer you a taste of something much more dark and realistic for a change. Dedicated especially to fans of solving crimes through methodical clue and evidence gathering and patience-demanding forensic work.


Colin Panetta's amazing Grim Fandango artwork (visit Colin's site for higher res)

Colin Panetta's amazing Grim Fandango artwork (visit Mojo for higher res)

November 2009 – The 11th Grim Fandango Anniversary (more…)

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