Another server change happened to HardyDev – while you were sleeping! And this one should be finally a rather permanent one. The setting certainly couldn’t be better. (more…)

Everyone misses their own birthday once in a while – I’m sure of it! But let’s say I simply waited for the weekend to properly celebrate HardyDev’s 2nd birthday – how about that? Well yeah, that’s not true actually – things got in the way of any kind of celebrating, including general brain atrophy. The weekend I mentioned has come and gone as well. And earlier I had to skip a New Year holiday special post too. But the birthday itself is 100% genuine fact and HardyDev is now 2 years old (+10 days)!

So Hurrah for HardyDev! But what does it all mean? Does it mean anything at all?


Hi there, dear and brave HardyDev readers who will read through this entirely great post!

begger character courtesy of "Discworld"

There are 2 new things I want to announce/shout about and 2 things I will ask you to consider doing. First – changes! I’ve completely rewritten and re-designed the Introduction Page to better expose HardyDev’s top writers and treat them in a more familiar way. This are the people who contributed to the blog the greatest amount of stuff and have special privileges. Equally important is the new introduction/welcoming text, which finally establishes the site’s purpose and gives a clearer picture of its identity. I’ve unlocked the comments for the intro page, so please leave your thoughts on its new contents.

Secondly, I’d like to request some help from you… (more…)

Hello there in the new year 2010, Dear Reader! I hope it is already treating you well. Welcome after our long December slumber which was caused by many different things (that I was busy with). Among them was my determination to release the reinvented version of Frantic Franko demo right for 2010’s start and HardyDev‘s 1st birthday which happens today.

Franko will get a whole, separate article soon, so I won’t divulge too much on the game right now beyond providing the link to the new demo and mentioning that the game will still undergo all kinds of tweaks and modifications before the full release in March, so any kind of feedback will always be very valuable to me, especially since I made many risky design choices you won’t find in other games. (more…)

When Linode announced their new European servers, I became one of the first to jump aboard and have their VPS migrated to the new London datacentre. With much of the Hardydev team (notably Mr Hardy himself) being Europeans, it made perfect sense to host the site somewhere closer to home.


Don’t worry, dear reader – I haven’t conducted an interview with myself by myself.

Not yet. But somebody else did (with me, I mean, not with themselves).

Here’s Part 1 and here’s Part 2. Have a great read!


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