Holiday Specials

A Most Happy New Year 2012 to you, ardent A Hardy Developers Journal readers! Yes, all 4 of you!

Sorry, for the recent lack of updates – working on finishing a new game. So please persevere, keep expecting the unexpected and at one point (this January) something cool will happen!

Speaking of making games, above is a really awesome Making OF for a 2010 game By the Numbers by a man called AJA. I wanted to archivize this video for quite a while – most impressive both in terms of the tech developed on camera in a week, as well as in terms of the creator’s humor after several days without sleep. And let’s not forget the game itself!

And speaking of AJA (just who is this guy?), I also added his latest game Barrier to the Martial Arts Scenes in Adventure Games ranking (far above – the stickied post) – it brings a very fresh approach to Kung Fu action in video games! (more…)

Everyone misses their own birthday once in a while – I’m sure of it! But let’s say I simply waited for the weekend to properly celebrate HardyDev’s 2nd birthday – how about that? Well yeah, that’s not true actually – things got in the way of any kind of celebrating, including general brain atrophy. The weekend I mentioned has come and gone as well. And earlier I had to skip a New Year holiday special post too. But the birthday itself is 100% genuine fact and HardyDev is now 2 years old (+10 days)!

So Hurrah for HardyDev! But what does it all mean? Does it mean anything at all?


Happy holidays, everyone! HardyDev shall shall soon return with a post full of Snow. But in the meantime behold the Christmas gift The Snakes have prepared for you:


PROLOGUE. On this fateful Towel Day we witness the release of the long-awaited Point&click remake of Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by James Spanos (aka Dualnames).
What follows are abridged transcripts of the philosophical dialogs conducted with Spanos that took place during the last week before the release (Which means they’re really HOT right now! – almost like the game itself).  So read them! (more…)

Often games attempt to be too much. Not content with focusing on doing a few particular things right, many games spread themselves too thin by switching between different styles or genres. On game that completely succeeds where others usually fail is Modern Warfare 2, an incredible example of multi-layered adventure gaming.

What really sets Modern Warfare 2 apart is its top-notch storytelling. In the not too distant future, a group of people got really mad at some other people and they both started shooting and all of a sudden it was war. You play not one, but five protagonists, each with his own unique backstory and motivations. (more…)

Hello there in the new year 2010, Dear Reader! I hope it is already treating you well. Welcome after our long December slumber which was caused by many different things (that I was busy with). Among them was my determination to release the reinvented version of Frantic Franko demo right for 2010’s start and HardyDev‘s 1st birthday which happens today.

Franko will get a whole, separate article soon, so I won’t divulge too much on the game right now beyond providing the link to the new demo and mentioning that the game will still undergo all kinds of tweaks and modifications before the full release in March, so any kind of feedback will always be very valuable to me, especially since I made many risky design choices you won’t find in other games. (more…)

Action games’ fans often consider adventure games’ fans an eccentric bunch who likes to think hard during leisure time. Wrong! Adventure games are what you turn to when you need to release all those primal emotions accumulated and suppressed during the rest of the day. A true adventure gaming experience must contain the likes of instant dangers, hidden traps, fist fights, explosions, running away from angry mobs… So what, if many such obstacles require using some basic wits to get past – the wits part is there just to spice up the brutal aspects of the adventuring. (more…)

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