Again carrying on directly where the series left off, Beyond the Alley of the Dolls opens with Sam and Max being pursued by an army of Sam clones. The clones are horrible, half-naked, zombie-like evil copies of our hero. Which is a bummer, because an army of one’s own minds would kind-of come in handy – I could have finished this review a week ago!


After many years of development and troubles with finding a publisher, Autumn Moon Entertainment finally released its first game, A Vampyre Story. AME is the company of Bill Tiller, who is probably best-known for the fantastic backgrounds he created for Curse of Monkey Island. With Tiller at the helm, great quality visuals are pretty much a guarantee, but how does this adventure stack up in other aspects? (more…)

They Stole Max’s Brain! Indeed, they have. But who is they? In the third episode of The Devil’s Playhouse, Sam sets off alone to find out just that.


Puzzle Agent is the interactive reliving of Graham Annable’s Grickle. A surreal comic world of weird and unique stylised characters. Telltale have done a great job of brining Grickle to point and click – on a visual level. But does the game itself match up? Let’s see. (more…)

Sam and Max are back in The Tomb of Sammun-Mak, episode 2 of new season: The Devil’s Playhouse – and things have gone all Egyptian-y!


So, after two years Sam and Max are back for season 3 of Telltale’s re-imagining of Steve Purcell‘s classic characters. Now, I’ll admit right away I’m not a Sam and Max regular, however with this being the comedy duo’s first adventure to be released simultaneously on PC and console (and new platforms such as iPad), it is aimed squarely at newcomers to the series, as well as the regulars. (more…)

Often games attempt to be too much. Not content with focusing on doing a few particular things right, many games spread themselves too thin by switching between different styles or genres. On game that completely succeeds where others usually fail is Modern Warfare 2, an incredible example of multi-layered adventure gaming.

What really sets Modern Warfare 2 apart is its top-notch storytelling. In the not too distant future, a group of people got really mad at some other people and they both started shooting and all of a sudden it was war. You play not one, but five protagonists, each with his own unique backstory and motivations. (more…)

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