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Again carrying on directly where the series left off, Beyond the Alley of the Dolls opens with Sam and Max being pursued by an army of Sam clones. The clones are horrible, half-naked, zombie-like evil copies of our hero. Which is a bummer, because an army of one’s own minds would kind-of come in handy – I could have finished this review a week ago!


They Stole Max’s Brain! Indeed, they have. But who is they? In the third episode of The Devil’s Playhouse, Sam sets off alone to find out just that.


Of late, the monthly adventure game studio competition or ‘MAGS’ has caught my eye. Participants take part my making a game with Chris Jones’s Adventure Game Studio engine in just one month – restricted by a specific theme set by the previous month’s winner. (more…)

Sam and Max are back in The Tomb of Sammun-Mak, episode 2 of new season: The Devil’s Playhouse – and things have gone all Egyptian-y!


So, after two years Sam and Max are back for season 3 of Telltale’s re-imagining of Steve Purcell‘s classic characters. Now, I’ll admit right away I’m not a Sam and Max regular, however with this being the comedy duo’s first adventure to be released simultaneously on PC and console (and new platforms such as iPad), it is aimed squarely at newcomers to the series, as well as the regulars. (more…)


I'm better than this at image editing. Honest.

There are many types of games. Many different ways to provide the player with a gaming experience. Each genre of game provides the player with a different route to a different experience, the gaming medium isn’t unified. (more…)

Whilst Ben Chandler and the like are consistently getting game development just right, there is the rest of us, me included, getting it just about completely wrong – or are we? And are we that different from Mr Chandler?

This article, in short, will try to explain why trying to make your first project huge and exciting is indeed a bad idea, but why I’m sticking to it and why you should never give up.