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Puzzle Agent is the interactive reliving of Graham Annable’s Grickle. A surreal comic world of weird and unique stylised characters. Telltale have done a great job of brining Grickle to point and click – on a visual level. But does the game itself match up? Let’s see. (more…)

Hi there, dear and brave HardyDev readers who will read through this entirely great post!

begger character courtesy of "Discworld"

There are 2 new things I want to announce/shout about and 2 things I will ask you to consider doing. First – changes! I’ve completely rewritten and re-designed the Introduction Page to better expose HardyDev’s top writers and treat them in a more familiar way. This are the people who contributed to the blog the greatest amount of stuff and have special privileges. Equally important is the new introduction/welcoming text, which finally establishes the site’s purpose and gives a clearer picture of its identity. I’ve unlocked the comments for the intro page, so please leave your thoughts on its new contents.

Secondly, I’d like to request some help from you… (more…)

When Linode announced their new European servers, I became one of the first to jump aboard and have their VPS migrated to the new London datacentre. With much of the Hardydev team (notably Mr Hardy himself) being Europeans, it made perfect sense to host the site somewhere closer to home.


The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood – a title that instills fear, tension and deep expectation in any loyal Monkey Island fan. When we click that big green DOWNLOAD button, we know we’re in for a real treat. And boy, we sure are! Chapter 4 is simply the most intriguing and exciting episode yet, and it can only get better with Chapter 5!

Remember that spoilers of Chapters 1 – 3 are very likely!


ohonoesSam and Max face their toughest foe yet in the epic cartoon adventure, Sam and Max: Season Two. Note that spoilers of Season One are very likely! In fact, here’s one now…

A year after their successful case involving hypnotism and sentient bacteria, Sam and Max have had a little time to relax; everything turns upside down when their faithful companion Mr Spatula turns pure evil.


man boy-cut-up

Hello! I'm a server!

Just a note to say that hardydev, the one stop shop for reviews and interviews has moved from it’s home to a snappy new Server. More accurately, a VPS run by yours truly, Joe Davison. If you find any performance issues or errors, or just any problems at all then please contact me at joe[at]thosedamnpeanuts[dotcom] and I’ll try to get them fixed as soon as possible.

If you would like your own VPS then check out Linode.

battlescenesmallWell I was a sucker. I pre-ordered Tales of Monkey Island. I mean, how could you not when Steve Purcell himself promised us an awesome DVD cover, and one at this level of coolness! Once again I answered the call of duty from Igor to review another complete masterpieceThe Siege of Spinner Cay. A game that starts epic and ends epic will full promise of an amazing 3rd episode to come! It is highly recommended that you finish playing the first episode before reading ahead! Thar be spoilers on the Horizon!