Sorry for the delay with announcing the results, guys! My PC broke down.

But before you learn who won (please don’t roll over to the bottom of the article!), let me tell you a short story that will lead to the reveal of WHAT was The Prize of the contest all along!

Back in 2005 the unassuming indie developer Le Woltaire with only Masters of Sound under his belt released a new game: Earl Bobby is Looking for His Shoes. This was the first part of the Earl Bobby trilogy. A short paint and click adventure about an old scottish earl who lives in an old castle in the scottish highlands and regularly gets his belongings misplaced. Dastardly puzzles and family-friendly humor made it an instant hit.

Then in 2007 the world was introduced to Earl Bobby is Looking for His Balls. Suddenly the adventures of the old Earl were filled with very subtle innuendo that might or not might be actual innuendo or just an illusion thereof. And golf – it was all about golf!

A few years of rain and long nights passed. And in the fall of 2008 came A Second Face – The Eye of Geltz is watching Us. This new Le Woltaire creation was an epic first part in a new fantasy saga and a philosophical experiment in mythologizing dark corners of our psyche. Praised for mature themes, amazing scope, group sex scenes and Carl Orff‘s daring soundtrack the game won the most prestigious awards during AGS Awards 2oo8.

But if Eye of Geltz was what you wanted to win then you’re up for an unsuspected surprise… You won another game! In 2010 a new Bobby game was released – Earl Bobby is Looking for the Loo – the conclusion to the Earl’s daring exploits. The screen resolution was tripled and so were the amounts of innuendo and toilet paper. And sheep – there was a lot of sheep. Comes even with an exclusive copy of Playsheep to be found in the game box. You can have one too!

…And so to the results of our contest!

The correct answers were given by:

and Jonathon Wisnoski

It turns out we had a couple of spare codes, so ALL 6 of you will get a copy of the game (Earl Bobby is Looking for the Loo)! Expect emails with voucher codes. CONGRATULATIONS! (And check Eye of Geltz sometime as well)

For those who didn’t participate there’s one more chance to win. 2 more copies will be given to people who’ll like (or already like) HDJ’s Facebook page and leave a comment under the FB post commenting on the contest and prizes.