Another server change happened to HardyDev – while you were sleeping! And this one should be finally a rather permanent one. The setting certainly couldn’t be better.

But first of all I want to thank Joe Davison for hosting the site on his servers continuously for 1,5 year. He made it possible for HardyDev to leave its blog status in September 2009 and to became the real thing – uncensored and unrestricted, and with even greater ambitions. But this is no way a goodbye – Joe wasn’t bought off by the competition and is still writing for HDJ! And as Joe is the guy responsible for first inventing the voice-overs in The Secret of Monkey Island, who knows what else he might come up with in the future.

And secondly, I’d like to just as strongly thank Peder Johnsen – the proprietor of AGS Archives, game creator and publisher – for granting space on his own server, where it currently resides. Additional thanks for helping us very quickly when we were in a bit of tough spot. Consequently, we’ve got all technical issues of the website settled for the time being and can fully focus on providing the best possible new content. Prepare yourself for an exciting last week of the month, full of Awards and Rue.