Everyone misses their own birthday once in a while – I’m sure of it! But let’s say I simply waited for the weekend to properly celebrate HardyDev’s 2nd birthday – how about that? Well yeah, that’s not true actually – things got in the way of any kind of celebrating, including general brain atrophy. The weekend I mentioned has come and gone as well. And earlier I had to skip a New Year holiday special post too. But the birthday itself is 100% genuine fact and HardyDev is now 2 years old (+10 days)!

So Hurrah for HardyDev! But what does it all mean? Does it mean anything at all?

Well, no revolutions for now (Isn’t that just completely boring?). And no promises about “more frequent posts”. Yet. What I hope and aim for is that the new content’s quality in 2011 will be as good (or even better) as the one from previous two. That’s as lofty a goal as any for our little bloggie.

The Previous Year

I rely don wan to browse through the entire previous year to remind myself of what happened, but I’ll do it anyway…

So what’s this? Video Reviews by Drew Wellman! Classy! And stimulating! I hope he’ll make some more.

And what about this one? The Ultimate Adventure Game Definition®!

Unfortunately, we had less interviews than the year before (2009), but at least 3 really great ones – with Erin Robinson – The Ivy, Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye and Krystian Majewski who is adding final touches to his TRAUMA this very moment.

As well as 3 genius interviews with mif-Hamlet2000, James ‘Dualnames’ Spanos and Sebastian ‘kapttnik’ Pfaller.

Besides all that, we had a great number of articles from many authors other than myself including:

2-part Deconstruction of Adventure Games Interfaces by Vince Twelve

Dissections of Worlds and Protagonists by Derrick Freeland and Jake Hanrahan

The Making History series by Jan Jacob Mekes

Adventure Game Workshops  Story by Jürgen Vöhringer

Theodor Waern‘s Journeys In and Out of Backdrops articles

As well all the great stuff by Mark Richards, including a Wall-E

Between those happenings, Gabriel Knight visted a church, Horror took the Trans-Siberian Express, and a chain story was told as a broken telephone story and someone thought it might be interesting to report it.

Of course I didn’t mention any of the dozens of new reviews…

But one sad thing is apparent – since July the number of posts started seriously dropping. In January it was about 8 posts a month and we finished off with a few months that had 3-4 posts a month. Which leads me to…

Snakes of Avalon

In 2010 I’ve made a New Agey game called… called Snakes of Avalon. Did it together with Alex van der Wijst – the author of The Winter Rose and Charlie Foxtrot. And so, my intense work on this best-of-2010-game definitely slowed down site updates – which was unfortunate…

But please play this game and spread the word about it! It tells of a drunkard achieving enlightenment via a fishmoose.

And you should also read those 3 informative interviews with us to get a better picture of what this game is and how was it done:

on Captain D’s Blog

on Cultural Zest

and on The AGS Blog

and a bonus one in Polish on Adventure-Zone!

Currently Snakes of Avalon is trying to get nominated for AGS Awards 2010! To help it, simply play it and tell others to do thusly!

New Year Resolutions

new interview hint

Interviews with indie developers NEED to come back. I am sorely missing them and have big plans for them too. In fact I have already an incredible one ready for posting. Later this month.

Reviews will appear for Back to The Future, Gray Matter, The Dream Machine, Darkstar and more. Mostly very soon.

Finally, in 2011 I hope to release another surprise game of mine and later go and finish off Frantic Franko once and for all.

So please comment and show that you care about all this history, plans and nonsense! Advice and recommendations for 2011 are most welcome to.

Wish you all a Happy Hardy 3rd!