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It’s been exactly 1 year and 3 days since the last installment of DEV INTRO – a special interview format I established to allow HardyDev to have more regular and varied interviews. It was particularly handy to introduce developers that only just released their first independently created game (or at least can show some lovely content for it).

Today, after the aforementioned short break, DEV INTRO is back! And it brings you nothing less than Rise of The Hidden Sun!

Rings a bell? It should!

When Telltale announced they were developing a series of official Back to the Future adventure games I was pretty damned excited. I had just finished playing through and reviewing the excellent third season of Sam & Max, and, more importantly, Back to the Future is one of my favourite blockbuster, fun, 80s films. One of my favourite film franchises, in excellent hands – what could possibly go wrong?


If you ask someone what the best LEGO video game is, the answer can be only one:

– Biggles on Mars!

Nevertheless, only a few could name the author of Biggles on Mars – the mysterious thecatamites. Well, at least not until recently – when this creator’s latest game Space Funeral won unprecedented acclaim, and turned his Games 4 Schools edutainment portal for kids into the first stop on the web for Japanese RPG fanatics! (more…)

Everyone misses their own birthday once in a while – I’m sure of it! But let’s say I simply waited for the weekend to properly celebrate HardyDev’s 2nd birthday – how about that? Well yeah, that’s not true actually – things got in the way of any kind of celebrating, including general brain atrophy. The weekend I mentioned has come and gone as well. And earlier I had to skip a New Year holiday special post too. But the birthday itself is 100% genuine fact and HardyDev is now 2 years old (+10 days)!

So Hurrah for HardyDev! But what does it all mean? Does it mean anything at all?