The future turns out quite a bit more complicated than the now. The police force seems to not have much use for hard-working, hard-boiled action heroes anymore – it’s up to top class genetics scientists to directly deal with the truly serious crimes.

Starting with instant, on-the-scene forensics and going as far as negotiating with or alternately eliminating explosive bioterrorists, police scientists like Dr Charlie Regis and Dr  Lao really have their hands full. Yes, part 2 of Technobabylon shows a much greater scope of the games’ world than its predecessor and it’s not a pretty sight.

“The Weight of The World” is a considerably bigger chapter than the first, but the beginning scenes come off as a challenges-light and story-heavy warm-up (not that they aren’t fun). The most immersive part is “the crime scene” which offers lots of interaction and exploration possibilities, as well as cool puzzles.
Storywise we get new character arcs for the new characters which are intriguing on their own, but we are also clearly introduced to a much larger plot. To be honest it’s still too early to tell anything of it other than that there’s some very complex conspiracy afoot, but the player is teased about it in a very effective manner.

Nevertheless, the real star of Technobabylon is its world!

Was it the classic sci-fi film Metropolis that inspired such a varied exploration of a technology-ruled city and its citizens? Starting in virtual reality and the confinement of a single generic apartment, the series now loses any sense of modesty. Genetics, Ghost in the Shell like special police forces, mind hackers, nihilistic teenager subcultures, Clockwork Orange like mind-conditioning, and the aforementioned bioterrorism – the game throws you right in the middle of it all without giving any excuses. In fact the dialogs and locations are so dense with fascinating information about the characters, technology and how things relate to each other that a 2nd playthrough is pretty much required to absorb the majority of it all. And we’re only on episode 2!

Igor’s Score: 4plus of 5 starks

The ” plus ” is for for The World.

Note: You can download this Technobabylon episode for free right here.