I’m very happy with the current pace our crack team has established for posting new articles on HardyDev. Nevertheless, I look elseweb and I see so many interesting indie things lurking behind every corner… Suddenly it seems our pace will never be good enough…

Let’s begin with the trailer for a new Lovecraft‘s Whisperer in The Darkness adaptation (an indie adaptation of course):


And now, to the…


with Pierrot of Private Moon Studios (Yoomurjak’s Ring): http://www.adventureclassicgaming.com/index.php/site/interviews/531/

with Christopher Brendel – creator of Shady Brook and The Filmmaker: http://www.adventureclassicgaming.com/index.php/site/interviews/573/

with Sam Clarkson – related to the Casebook Special Edition Trilogy: http://adventuregamers.com/article/id,1177

with Andrew Goulding – the mind behind Jolly Rover: http://indiegameschannel.com/wp/2010/06/28/developer-spotlight-andrew-goulding/

with Graham Annable – the guy behind Grickle: http://www.culturalzest.com/2010/05/22/graham-annable-storyboardcomicanimation-artist/

with Dave Gilbert about Blackwell Convergence, and why he put Joe Gould and the Minetta into the game: http://vanishingnewyork.blogspot.com/2010/06/digital-gould.html


For all you game journalism fanatics out there, a good article on the highly  influential New Games Journalism concept: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/issues/issue_260/7762-Kieron-Gillen-Post-Manifesto


an intriguing promo for the very indie adventure game Identity:



As we started the post with things lurking about, let’s end it on a similar note – because the recently published disturbing videos from a certain Leonard Huntings have revealed their…


Beware of the Hanwell Mental Institute and its minions, Dear Reader! Beware! and Take Care!