Hi there, dear and brave HardyDev readers who will read through this entirely great post!

begger character courtesy of "Discworld"

There are 2 new things I want to announce/shout about and 2 things I will ask you to consider doing. First – changes! I’ve completely rewritten and re-designed the Introduction Page to better expose HardyDev’s top writers and treat them in a more familiar way. This are the people who contributed to the blog the greatest amount of stuff and have special privileges. Equally important is the new introduction/welcoming text, which finally establishes the site’s purpose and gives a clearer picture of its identity. I’ve unlocked the comments for the intro page, so please leave your thoughts on its new contents.

Secondly, I’d like to request some help from you…One thing is that in September 2009 HardyDev left the free, but limiting server of WordPress.com and since then is hosted on Joe Davison’s own server. This beast of a thing costs money to be alive of course, but unfortunately we make almost no money from the ads, so in the end we’re pretty much just putting it in there. Monthly. So we figured we will put a donation button on the sidebar and hopefully someone will want to help us:

Don’t let us shut down!

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However, as of now the button’s presence and looks alone brought us exactly… zero contributions which is the reason why we decided to write about this in detail here. We will be grateful if you pay anything at all. Even 1$ in your entire lifetime could be very helpful to us. So please consider doing it sometime. The new donation button will be always present on the HardyDev sidebar – smiling and blinking at you to make you feel uncomfortable.

…But there is one more thing you can do if you can’t spare any money, but nevertheless like the site and want to support it. Simply keep recommending it to other people, post links to it, or to specific articles in its archives. It’s very helpful, brings in more readers and comments, and keeps all of us here better motivated to create new blog content, new games and whatever new we think about.

We will be very grateful for any of this, and hope that you’ll continue reading and supporting us! Stay tuned for tomorrow, when we will bring to you the Snakes of Avalon advertisement teaser trailer*!

*the premiere will commence on our official YouTube channel