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I’m very happy with the current pace our crack team has established for posting new articles on HardyDev. Nevertheless, I look elseweb and I see so many interesting indie things lurking behind every corner… Suddenly it seems our pace will never be good enough…

Let’s begin with the trailer for a new Lovecraft‘s Whisperer in The Darkness adaptation (an indie adaptation of course):


Trailer for an incredible  game coming very, very soon…

There’s also a Vimeo version at


Hi there, dear and brave HardyDev readers who will read through this entirely great post!

begger character courtesy of "Discworld"

There are 2 new things I want to announce/shout about and 2 things I will ask you to consider doing. First – changes! I’ve completely rewritten and re-designed the Introduction Page to better expose HardyDev’s top writers and treat them in a more familiar way. This are the people who contributed to the blog the greatest amount of stuff and have special privileges. Equally important is the new introduction/welcoming text, which finally establishes the site’s purpose and gives a clearer picture of its identity. I’ve unlocked the comments for the intro page, so please leave your thoughts on its new contents.

Secondly, I’d like to request some help from you… (more…)

Sebastian “Mellotron Stew” Pfaller has worked not only with me on a number of games making music, but also provided music and testing for such popular adventure games such as The Vaccuum and Death Wore Endless Feathers Disk 1.

His quirky, colourful musical style is an ever changing kaleidoscope of ideas and experimentation and here we are offered a glimpse into the funk safari that is: Sebastian Pfaller‘s mind.


Picture the scene: an English manor during a dark and stormy night. Four people are confined within its walls, each of whom could have committed a murder. (more…)

Of late, the monthly adventure game studio competition or ‘MAGS’ has caught my eye. Participants take part my making a game with Chris Jones’s Adventure Game Studio engine in just one month – restricted by a specific theme set by the previous month’s winner. (more…)

Starting Sentence

Totally, completely, deliciously, and no doubt illegally naked, Tanya knew her clothes had to be in her car, but she had no idea where she’d left the damned thing.

(more pictures & sext text…)