The last month was really busy for me and in consequence I didn’t read that much of the Internet, play that much of Internet, or even watch that much of Internet. So my latest choice of links is smaller than usual, but the linked texts/places/situations are all the best kind of April crop (ignore the accidental May ones). Some of the names involved are Jane Jensen, Darkstar, MAGS and Tetris.

Jane Jensen (Gabriel Knight creator) interviewed by Game Boomers

Why Tetris Isn’t a Puzzle Game – seems like most players are so dumb that they don’t know what kind of game they’re playing

Interesting interview with Jason Rohrer – a developer known for making Passages, who teaches that Sleep is Death and that you can make 2-player adventure games

Martin Mulrooney interviews Steve Purcell (the creator of Sam & Max) at AMO

Hetherdale – a new cinematic flash adventure game from the creators of Morningstar

Slowdown with The Whispered World creator Marco Hullen

Interview with the DarkStar team. DarkStar being a huge new, sci-fi FMV adventure game.

Gnome interviews Matt Barton – a fellow writer from Adventure Classic Gaming and author of many professional books on gaming, of an extra retro-games-themed vid series, and one cool IF game

The April edition of MAGS (Monthly AGS Competition) with its mysterious theme OROM mark the contest’s rebirth from ashes and sport as many as 8 excellent game titles, which were created mostly by big fames. Such as:

Ben Chandler (aka Ben304)

Steven Poulton (aka Calin Leafshade)

Alex van der Wijst (aka Baron)

ProgZmax (aka Shane Stevens)

Chris Taite (aka Limpingfish)