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Sam and Max are back in The Tomb of Sammun-Mak, episode 2 of new season: The Devil’s Playhouse – and things have gone all Egyptian-y!


PROLOGUE. On this fateful Towel Day we witness the release of the long-awaited Point&click remake of Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by James Spanos (aka Dualnames).
What follows are abridged transcripts of the philosophical dialogs conducted with Spanos that took place during the last week before the release (Which means they’re really HOT right now! – almost like the game itself).  So read them! (more…)

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Review by Drew Wellman

Puzzle games are hot. Professor Layton, Scribblenauts, World of Goo, even Bejeweled, they’re all making headlines, and rightly so. Puzzle games offer a way to escape from the normal world, where bosses, spouses, parents and others make life miserable, to a world where diabolical puzzles make your life miserable instead. But that’s about the only entertainment they offer. A puzzle book by Sam Loyd, no matter how entertaining, just isn’t the same as a novel by Jules Verne. Similarly, a puzzle game can’t replace the profound entertainment that’s offered by a traditional adventure game… or can it?

Enter Puzzle Bots. Puzzle Bots is an ambitious venture, in that it tries to marry two genres that, although related, at first glance appear not to have very much in common: (more…)

So, after two years Sam and Max are back for season 3 of Telltale’s re-imagining of Steve Purcell‘s classic characters. Now, I’ll admit right away I’m not a Sam and Max regular, however with this being the comedy duo’s first adventure to be released simultaneously on PC and console (and new platforms such as iPad), it is aimed squarely at newcomers to the series, as well as the regulars. (more…)

When playing an adventure game

there are many different factors that can make the experience an enjoyable one, some love puzzles, some the visuals, for me personally, it’s the story that has to be great, and a great story needs a great main character to drive it forward. (more…)

The last month was really busy for me and in consequence I didn’t read that much of the Internet, play that much of Internet, or even watch that much of Internet. So my latest choice of links is smaller than usual, but the linked texts/places/situations are all the best kind of April crop (ignore the accidental May ones). Some of the names involved are Jane Jensen, Darkstar, MAGS and Tetris. (more…)