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Hey folks! The guys from HardyDev invited me to write a remembrance from series of adventure game development tutorials that I have organized over the last few years at the Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt, Austria. In these workshops I used Chris Jones’ AGS (Adventure Game Studio), which is a popular and powerful tool for creating your own adventure games.

Learning the ropes of AGS normally means working through heaps of online tutorials, endless browsing of special-interest forums or getting used to the good old trial-and-error principle. With this steep learning curve in mind it’s no wonder that hobby adventure developers are an exceedingly rare breed. So what if you could learn the basics of adventure game development together with peers in a hands-on workshop? (more…)

mif2000 is a prolific independent game developer, cartoonist and animation artist. His current game is mif2000’s Hamlet, a take on that Shakespeare drama even non-readers have heard of.  Want to learn more about that game? Well, there is a small possibility that this interview will tell you. If you’d rather find out for yourself, you can download and play the demo version. (more…)


I'm better than this at image editing. Honest.

There are many types of games. Many different ways to provide the player with a gaming experience. Each genre of game provides the player with a different route to a different experience, the gaming medium isn’t unified. (more…)


Often games attempt to be too much. Not content with focusing on doing a few particular things right, many games spread themselves too thin by switching between different styles or genres. On game that completely succeeds where others usually fail is Modern Warfare 2, an incredible example of multi-layered adventure gaming.

What really sets Modern Warfare 2 apart is its top-notch storytelling. In the not too distant future, a group of people got really mad at some other people and they both started shooting and all of a sudden it was war. You play not one, but five protagonists, each with his own unique backstory and motivations. (more…)