A few links I chose to represent this month.
You don’t even need to pick out the good ones, because they all are.
Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions!


A retrospective interview with Al Lowe on a new retro adventure games blog

With Steve Inceindie game writer, and one of the developers of the Broken Sword games

With Agustin Cordes of Scratches fame

With Matt Kempke author of What Makes You Tick? & its sequel

Strange Artistic Stuffs

Dreaming Methods artistic art something

Dresden Codak comicsgreat narrative experiments with steampunk visuals

I’m not an ARtistgreat interactive comic about sweat

Morgan M. Morganson’s Date With Destiny The Movie – poetry for both eyes and ears


Good Causes, Bad Causes,

Causes Revealed as Scams, Scum eating Causes

please Kickstart an indie doco about some of the most interesting indie devs

The richiest indie devs have started THE INDIE FUND!

The sad end to 10+ years King’s Quest IX development (Damn you, Activision!)

The Game of Critique a reminder about feedback!


Attempted rape spotted in Heavy Rain blockbusting, super-mature pulp thriller