Doing posts dedicated solely to recommending interesting and relevant stuff found around the web, and to stop packing it all up into Links and The Compendium, is an old idea I had. However, before now I wasn’t content with the amount of HardyDev‘s original content and felt such posts would cheapen the blog. Not anymore. Also, this is a great way to appear less self-centered and give the rest of the Internet a chance to shine…

Let’s start with a shameless plug and other Game Related articles:

My Psychonauts Review – the game may have had excellent press, but after Tim Schafer’s brilliant Grim Fandango I was very much disappointed with this promising, yet ultimately very clumsy and Microsoft-butchered title

Aggie Awards 2009 – possibly the biggest awards event in the Adventure Kingdom; hosted by

Rock, Paper, Shotgun, And Why We Need To Make Publications Into Homes, Or Maybe Just Local Pubs – Jim Rossignol reveals a couple of secrets behind RPS success and writes about modern media in general

Ben304 On Drawing Backgrounds for adventure games

Indie Animation:

Trichrome Blue – the critics say: “Sublime!”

Muzorama – the critics say: “Surreal!”

Simon’s Cat Winter – the critics say: “The latest must-see for cat lovers!”

Movie Curiosities:

Slightly Deranged –  covers cult cinema and cult games, even provides video clips from super-rare films; a blog by Agustin Cordes – the developer of Scratches adventure game


with Barokyoudan Rue creator Joshua Nuernberger

with Machinarium creator Jakub Dvorsky

with Guybrush Threepwood aka Dominic Armato a handful of in-depth mini-interviews

Indie Comics:

For today I’ll just mention two authors I always read if I need to be cheered up (or when I feel like reading them): 1) Kate Beaton & 2) Rebecca Clements

Freeware Indie Games:

Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of 2009 AGS games so to be prepared for the AGS Awards voting. Out of these I especially recommend 3 less popular ones, that I think shouldn’t be forgotten:

1) Mr Danger’s Contest 2) Areonuts 3) Death Wore Endless Feathers

Also, I’ve played an excellent atmospheric Flash game which is something between Zelda, Shadow of The Colossus, and something else: Where We Remain