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Doing posts dedicated solely to recommending interesting and relevant stuff found around the web, and to stop packing it all up into Links and The Compendium, is an old idea I had. However, before now I wasn’t content with the amount of HardyDev‘s original content and felt such posts would cheapen the blog. Not anymore. Also, this is a great way to appear less self-centered and give the rest of the Internet a chance to shine… (more…)

The 2009 AGS Awards

Awards are nice. (more…)

Welcome back! Last time I bitched about old-school adventure game interfaces and tried to convince people to throw them out the window. Today I’m going to give an example of how I futzed around with the interface of my game, Resonance, adding a layer of potential complexity to the puzzles while keeping the interface simple, fast, and intuitive.


There’s just something special about frolicking in a meadow for a while without a care in the world and that’s the best way I can describe Danny Dread is On Call. A cool breeze blows through your hair as you prance through the beautiful flowers, even if you don’t have any real reason to do so and you have minor allergies.

But enough of my odd and slightly creepy analogy that will become a little more clear momentarily, let’s get down to the meat of Danny Dread. (more…)

The Falling Soldier by Robert Capa

Past, present, future. Of these three, the past is the one we have most affinity with. The present is just too volatile, it changes all the time. The future is endlessly interesting, a great source of speculation, but that speculation is inherently based on our current experiences. Experiences that come from – you’ve guessed it – the past. (more…)


Ed. Note: A while ago, Josh talked about several locations from Boryokudan Rue to give his ideas on Visually Directing The Player