Don’t worry, dear reader – I haven’t conducted an interview with myself by myself.

Not yet. But somebody else did (with me, I mean, not with themselves).

Here’s Part 1 and here’s Part 2. Have a great read!

A while ago Troy Mayes of Attempted Review came up with an interesting concept for an interview series. The idea is to interview some of the more obscure game journalists and game makers and see what interesting things will they say about gaming compared to those dull celebrities that people usually look for interviews of. I mean, contemporary TV and film are all into exploring the mind of the man from the street (or of the office man – David Brent etc.), but the massive amounts of people interested in gaming and blogging seem somehow ignored as potential subjects of this kind of treatment. Like if each of those people wasn’t a fascinating and unique human being in their own right. And so, I leaped at the opportunity to take part in Attempted Review‘s enterprise as an interviewee. Anyone else would.

Anyway, if you’re still not reading the interview, let me just tell you that it contains all kinds of my professional opinions on games. Among other things, it offers an unique insight into the distant future of gaming, plus it may help you solve such important dilemmas like if I’m worthy to be followed on Twitter or not. So, I really recommend the article, and big thanks to Troy for coming up with the idea of these interviews (check out the one with CaptainD) and for preparing interesting topics.