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In modern times great adventure games don’t come in big shiny cardboard boxes and on multiple CDs. In fact very often they are just one click away from you in your internet browser.

Among some of the best of those are the works of Mateusz Skutnik of Pastel Games. His episodic adventure games resume consists of such well known series as Submachine and Daymare Town.

These games despite simple interfaces offer complex, creative puzzles in visually fascinating hand-drawn game worlds full of eerie atmosphere and a kind of surreal beauty. (more…)

Winner for Best Demo at AGS Awards 2009

You can download the WIP demo here. (UPDATED 02.2010)

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Ben There, Dan That, so now it’s Time Gentlemen, Please! This is a series not to be missed by lovers of classic adventure gaming seeking journeys to alternate realities of complete insanity. Of course it so happens that they’re filled with a strangly logical logic that makes all the wonderful puzzles so wonderful. (more…)

As it is usually the case when I write these bits many things have changed about our blog again. First of all, I wanted to introduce new writers that hopefully will make regular appearances and help make hardydevth a better place for everyone. (more…)

After the gruesome events of 03-03-04, Sam doesn't have much more to do than try to shoot apples on his little buddy's head.

After the gruesome events of 03-03-04, Sam doesn't have more to do than try to shoot apples on his little buddy's head.

Igor asked me to write a review of the second best Adventure Game I’ve ever played – Sam & Max: Season One (recently renamed to Sam & Max Save the World). And that’s just what I’ll do.

I initially discovered Sam & Max after being curious about all the references made in Monkey Island, I saw them mentioned on Easter Egg lists and things but I never really knew just what the hell it was. So when I came across a copy of Sam and Max: Hit the Road I took it and ran home with it. What immediately got me was the two protagonists’ unique personalities – especially that of Max. (more…)

emerald-city-confidentialLargeEmerald City Confidential succeeds first and foremost as an adventure because it tells a good story. I cannot emphasize even  nearly enough how much this game has surprised me with its gripping narrative with a fresh take on the already well known Land of Oz and its inhabitants. (more…)


I haven’t written about Frantic Franko for quite a while, but it doesn’t mean my work on it doesn’t move forward at a crazy pace! I didn’t make it with the demo in May as originally intended, but it is pretty much ready now – just undergoing some testing. The big premiere is next week! It’s quite a large demo by my standards. It covers about 33% of the whole game, has both alternative puzzle solutions and special features not required to finish it. It also offers plenty of opportunity to get to know the main character – the grumpy psycho that he is. Hopefully the experience will be something truly memorable for the players. (more…)