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Leiji Matsumoto

Leiji Matsumoto

There are certain manga and anime creators which despite (or possibly because of) their very Japanese and somewhat niche flavor have gained considerable popularity all over the world. Maybe the fact that such iconic anime as Kimba – The White Lion, Speed Racer or Star Blazers have somehow reached American and European television  in the 70’s and 80’s could account for this to some extent. In those times they were simply too unique in comparison to western cartoons not to draw attention of the kids that came across them. Also, they encompassed much wider range of emotions, making for much more immersive and deep experiences. (more…)


Hal Barwood

I was very happy to have been recently able to do an interview with Hal Barwood on behalf of ACG. His Indiana Jones and The Fate Atlantis was the first adventure game I ever played (that’s like winning a lottery) and remains one of my favorites. It is not some kind of sentimental affection on my part, mind you (I’m a notoriously unsentimental person). The game is just really that good and perfectly represents the good old days (absolutely no sentimental connotations on my part!) when the care went first of all into the game design and storytelling departments instead of in making things more and more flashy. (more…)



Back in 2008 my adventure gaming and classic LucasArts obsessions drove me to creating a Som & Maxie themed comic strip (instead of producing something honest and original) . And it’s all about branes. So, If you’d like to read it yourself – and this should be a no-brainer – click on


Well, what I’d like this blog to first of all do is to encompass production diaries for all kinds of my creations (comics, animated movies, adventure games etc.), hence the “developer’s workshop” part of the title. And the end products will be easily available as well (they are even more interesting!). At the moment there will be more of my writing than completed stuff though.

Between such major (at least for me) blog entries you can expect many short articles and interviews concerning indie adventure games, classic anime, obscure movie recommendations and who knows what else. Just as long as something fits the overall style and suits my fancy it might get through the QA’s high standards and become a permanent addition of this cluttered workshop. I also plan to keep each month’s entries as varied as possible and generally favor topics that aren’t widely known. (more…)